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PRODUCT | PowerDialer by Papillon Technology

Need a Predictive Dialer? -- Think again!

Power Dialer for GoldMine enables GoldMine users to work through their telephone calls quickly and automatically using either calls scheduled in the user's activity list or calls based on an active GoldMine Filter or Group.

Once installed and configured Power Dialer for GoldMine becomes an integral part of GoldMine and enables users to automatically acquire a call list. Simply click on the icon and select Acquire List. Then click Start Power Dialer -- it will then automatically dial and connect all scheduled calls.

Seamless integration with GoldMine

Optionally configure automatic call completion boxes...

...and define how the calling pattern progresses

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Stage 1. Choose the criteria used to select calls

Stage 2. Click on “Acquire Call List”

Stage 3. Preview the call list, or simply click “Start Power Dialer”

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Call Center Technology for Teams and Individuals

As a call is connected, the called party's GoldMine record is automatically presented, allowing you full access to your client’s details. As the call is concluded the complete call dialog box will appear. Fields including Call Duration, Reference, and Result Code are pre-populated allowing quick and easy call completion. Make any changes you wish and then click OK. The call details are inserted automatically into your client's GoldMine History. Scheduled calls are completed in the users calendar or call list with all details including the exact duration. The next call is then presented to the user and the sequence starts over again. The statistical analysis within GoldMine allows you to monitor and compare agent performance.

Power Dialer is so tightly integrated into GoldMine that you will wonder how you managed without it. It's like having your own personal predictive dialer.

Flexible user options will allow systems administrators and managers to control the way that calls are presented, timed and completed for different team members. Power Dialer will work with any TAPI compliant telephony hardware and provides the fastest way to complete your scheduled call list, or make and control outbound call campaigns with GoldMine.

  • Absolutely the fastest way for an individual or a team to dial through a call list.
  • The professional outbound dialer for groups and individuals using GoldMine.
  • Power Dialing delivers a 200% increase in call rates
  • Integrates seamlessly with GoldMine 5.x, GoldMine 6.x, GoldMine 7.x, GoldMine BCM, GoldMine Sales and Marketing and GoldMine BCM Corporate Edition.
  • Supervisor control of user settings and performance statistics.

papillon technology

Products by Papillon Technology

Annual Maintenance and Support from Papillon Technology
Entitles you to free product upgrades and unlimited email and telephone support. We have also recently added web-based remote control support to this valuable package.

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(including hardware)
Integrated call recording functionality for GoldMine that provides complete tracking of customer interactions on-demand and at a fraction of the cost of other call recording solutions. Hardware and software included. (Only the software is required when used in conjunction with the Hi-Phone Desktop.)

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Standalone companion hardware to our telephony products Tapi Link, Power Dialer, and Call Recorder for GoldMine.

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PowerDialer for GoldMine
The ultimate telemarketing tool for GoldMine that doubles your agent call rates and more. The "personal predictive dialer" for GoldMine teams and individuals. Also works with Hi-Phone Desktop.

Tapi Link for GoldMine
The world's best telephony tool for GoldMine for screen dialing and screen popping (Caller ID required). Also works with Hi-Phone Desktop.


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Compatible with:

  • GoldMine v5 and newer

Technical Support

provided by Papillon Technology
Maintenance & Support Packages available



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