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PRODUCT | Tapi Link by Papillon Technology

Tapi Link for GoldMine

Tapi Link for GoldMine enables GoldMine users to dial calls automatically and to present a caller's contact details when the phone rings (CTi capabilities). Once installed, Tapi Link becomes an integral part of GoldMine and enables users to dial directly from within GoldMine using a variety of methods, and to present calling party contact details when the phone rings. It searches not only the main telephone number (Phone1) but any other telephone number associated with that record (Phone2, Phone3) as well as all numbers listed under the Additional Contacts Tab. This process is entirely automatic -- which means that it doesn't matter whether your contact is calling from their business office, their mobile phone or even their home office. If you have their number listed in GoldMine, Tapi Link will automatically present the information you require.

screen shot tapi link
  • Tapi Link will search phone1, phone2, phone3 and all numbers in the additional contacts tab.
  • Choose to display up to five fields from your GoldMine system when your phone starts ringing.
  • Simple and easy to setup, Tapi Link will work with any standard Microsoft TAPI compliant telephone system or device.
  • Tapi Link supports on-hold, blind transfer, last number redial, supervised transfer and many other features.

You can select up to five key fields from your caller's GoldMine record to view with an incoming call or alternatively, have the GoldMine Record displayed automatically before you answer the telephone, thereby improving your response times and the levels of service you provide to your clients. Tapi Link for GoldMine is very easy to install. After running the installation wizard you just need to select a few options from the Tapi Link setup screen. This allows you to decide how you want information presented and how you prefer to make and accept your calls.

Because Tapi Link for GoldMine communicates with your telephony device using Microsoft TAPI, you can use Tapi Link whether you are a single user, or part of a team using a larger switchboard. All you need is an approved TAPI device or a switchboard that supports the Microsoft TAPI standard. If you are not sure whether your telephony hardware will work with Tapi Link for GoldMine click on frequently asked questions or check our list of approved and tested telephone systems.

To view a list of the telephone systems known to be supported by Tapi Link for GoldMine click here.

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Annual Maintenance and Support from Papillon Technology
Entitles you to free product upgrades and unlimited email and telephone support. We have also recently added web-based remote control support to this valuable package.

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Compatible with:

  • All versions of GoldMine, including 2014, 2013, and earlier version 5 to 9

Technical Support

provided by Papillon Technology
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